Mosaic Leadership Team

Mosaic PCN Leadership Team


  • Nicole Gleeson, Executive Director

  • Dr. Oliver David, Medical Director

  • Tannis Andersen, Director of Clinical Operations

  • Cindy Simpson, Director of Operations

  • Peter Rymkiewicz, Director of Evaluation and Measurement

Mosaic PCN Board of Directors

  • Dr. Brian Cornelson

  • Dr. Philip Getting 

  • Dr. Elizabeth Mackay

  • Dennis Niebergal 

  • Dr. Niki Panich, Chair 

  • Dr. Mark Sosnowski (non-voting)

  • Janice Stewart, Vice Chair

  • Dr. Sanjay Wadhera 

Mosaic Physicians Ltd. Board of Directors

Physician Board

  • Dr. Margaret Churcher

  • Dr. Philip Getting, Treasurer

  • Dr. Thiru Govender

  • Dr. Marsha Kucera

  • Dr. Harshi Mathur

  • Dr. Niki Panich, Chair

  • Dr. Zahid Rafiq

  • Dr. Mark Sosnowski , Vice Chair

  • Dr. Sanjay Wadhera