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Nutrition Month – March 2021

March is Nutrition Month! This year, dietitians want you to know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to healthy eating – let us help YOU find YOUR healthy! 

Over the next few weeks, your Mosaic Dietitians will be sharing one of their own family recipes or food memories to highlight the importance of family traditions and cultural foods in what it means to be healthy.

Dietitian Tip: It’s important to expose children to many different food cultures at an early age. Always approach new foods with an open mind! Try this recipe: Mom’s Sinigang Na Salmon.

At Mosaic, our dietitian team members have diverse backgrounds like our patients. Our dietitians want you to enjoy your food and eat in a way that works with your culture and traditions, preferences and nutritional needs. Try this family recipe for Lefse, a traditional Scandinavian side dish that one of our dietitians grew up eating. They are passing down this tradition with their family.

If you have been struggling to incorporate your favourite family meals with your healthy lifestyle goals, talk to your family doctor about a referral to pair up with a dietitian. 

Culture and food traditions can be part of healthy eating. There are ways to adjust your favourite family recipes to meet your nutritional needs. Try this healthy twist on a classic chocolate chip cookie from one of our dietitians!

Do you need help finding your healthy? A dietitian can help! Talk to your family doctor about adding a dietitian to your health care team.

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