Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC)

An essential element to high-quality health care is actively including the voice of patients and families to not only improve safe, quality care, but also improve the patient, staff, and physician experience.

Canadian based evidence has shown that PFACs result in: improved patient outcomes, improved safety, reduced wait times, better teamwork to coordinate care, and care providers’ job satisfaction is improved.

Patient engagement means patients and families actively working with health professionals in the design, delivery, and evaluation of health services.

Who can be a Patient Advisor?

Anyone who is a Mosaic Primary Care Network (PCN) patient, over the age of 18, and willing to volunteer for two hours per month. These monthly meetings will be hosted online with other members of the committee to help improve the safety and quality of care for all patients of Mosaic PCN!  

Mosaic PCN is looking for new members to join our advisory committee in the new year.  If you are interested in joining the committee please email to apply. The deadline for applications is September 2, 2022.