Creating Healthier Communities in North East and South East Calgary

Bringing local family doctors and health professionals together to provide health care to you and your family. Being part of a Primary Care Network means you have a Medical Home—your family doctor’s office—ensuring all Albertans have a home base for their everyday health needs.

About What is a Primary Care Network?

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) bring family doctors and other health care professionals such as nurses, mental health therapists, dietitians, and more together to provide health care to you and your family.

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Is Mosaic my Primary Care Network?

Mosaic PCN serves a large part of North East Calgary, as well as some clinics in the North West and the South East. With over 360 family doctors in 100+ clinics that serve patients in our community, see if your doctor is part of our medical home.

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Mosaic PCN by the Numbers

over 100 MPCN-Icon_Member-Clinics Member Clinics open in North East and South East Calgary
380,000 MPCN-Icon_Patients Patients receiving care from a Mosaic PCN healthcare team
360+ MPCN-Icon_ByTheNumbers_MultipleFamilyDoctors Family Doctors serving Calgarians and their families
MPCN-Icon_Report Report to Our Community
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We are privileged to highlight the incredible work taking place at Mosaic PCN, as well as celebrate how we serve our community to provide health care to you and your family in the medical home.

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There’s something special about knowing your hard work and talents are helping our community become healthier and happier. We are always looking for talented people to join our organization.