Leadership Team

Meet the Team

Leadership at all levels of the organization believe strongly in the Mosaic PCN’s mission statement ‘Better Health For All’. With that tenet in place, organization and efficient decisions are made on the daily.

Mosaic PCN has an organizational leadership team, a board of directors, and a physician’s board of directors.

Mosaic PCN Leadership Team

  • Heather Chappell, Executive Director
  • Dr. Oliver David, Medical Director
  • Dr. Yvonne Kangong, Associate Medical Director
  • Karen Blain, Director of Clinical Operations
  • Amanda Coates, Director of Member Services and Engagement
  • Shawn Graham, Director of Business Operations
  • Peter Rymkiewicz, Director of Evaluation and Measurement
A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
John C. Maxwell

Mosaic PCN Board of Directors

  • Dr. Niki Panich, MPCN Board Chair
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mackay, MPCN Board Vice-Chair
  • Erin Kurchina, MPCN Board Secretary
  • Dr. Amara Anozie, Director
  • Barb Kathol, Director
  • Dr. Marsha Kucera, Director
  • Dennis Niebergal, Independent Director
  • Dr. Seema Parmar, Independent Director

Mosaic Physician Ltd. Board of Directors

  • Dr. Marsha Kucera, MPL Board Chair
  • Dr. Zahid Rafiq, MPL Board Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Barney Truong, MPL Board Secretary
  • Dr. Amara Anozie, Director
  • Dr. Thiru Govender, Director
  • Dr. Rashid Malik, Director
  • Dr. Niki Panich, Director
  • Dr. Gurpreet Rakhra, Director
  • Dr. Rachel Talavlikar, Director
  • Dr. Hargunbir S. Toor, Director