Mosaic PCN

Primary Care Networks

Your Northeast & Southeast PCN

Mosaic Primary Care Network (PCN) is a group of family doctors and healthcare professionals that provide primary health care, in partnership with Alberta Health Services. Mosaic PCN member clinics are located in northeast and southeast Calgary. 

Mosaic PCN is a group of more than 350 family doctors. Our PCN serves more than 367,000 patients in the northeast and southeast of Calgary. Mosaic PCN’s geography includes urban Calgary east of 14 St W, from the Bow River to the eastern city limits, and south of the northern city limits to Anderson Road/114 Ave SE. The population of this area is approximately 400,000 people.

Better Health For All

Our vision, “Better Health For All”, honours our area’s diversity of cultures. We recognize the need to consult with and respect the health goals of each local community group.

While each network provides primary care services, priorities are set locally. Each PCN designs programs and services to best meet local needs, which vary from area to area. This flexibility to develop local solutions to local health issues makes each PCN unique. 

Your Medical Home

Primary care is the first point of contact people have with the health system. The focus of the Mosaic PCN is supporting the patients’ Medical Home.

The programs and services provided to you by Mosaic PCN are delivered in partnership with your family physician. They are designed to support the concept of a medical home. Depending on the care you need, your doctor can connect you to various healthcare providers who support the medical home.

A medical home is where patients feel most comfortable coming for their health needs and guided in their health management plans. People who are connected to their family doctor and visit them regularly have increased satisfaction, better health overall, receive better care, make fewer visits to the emergency room, and are hospitalized less often.

One of the primary care network’s goals is to build and sustain a community of patient-centered medical homes. Find a doctor online at

Our Values

  1. Culturally Competent
  2. Accountable
  3. Transparent
  4. Engaged
  5. Patient Centered
  6. Respectful 
Working together to improve the health of our local communities.