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Are you passionate about building healthy communities?

We’re looking for dedicated, passionate people to join us in making Mosaic PCN even better! Is that you?

It’s the work that matters and there’s something special about knowing your hard work and talents are helping our community become healthier and happier within their Medical Home. We are always looking for talented people to join our organization, especially those who embrace and display our core competencies:

  1. Practice Communication Excellence
  2. Build Community Feeling
  3. Advocate for Patients and Clients
  4. Understand the Value of Change
  5. Embrace Culture and Diversity
  6. Act with Professionalism
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Why You Should Work for Us


Compensation & Benefits

We take priority in providing competitive salary, vacation, and benefits packages to our employees. We also provide employers matching Group RRSPs and financial support for professional designation fees.

Career Longevity

Professional development opportunities are an important part of growing throughout your career, and Mosaic PCN supports these initiatives. We also put an onus on employee training opportunities that make one’s time at Mosaic optimal for learning.

Wellness & Environment

Mosaic PCN believes in work-life balance, safe environments to work in, and employee wellness. We’ll do everything we can to achieve the best psychological and physical health for our employees.
I'm so excited to work for Mosaic where I can see how my efforts are making a difference to people's health on a daily basis.
Laurie* Registered Nurse

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