Mosaic PCN primary care nurses work alongside physicians and other health care professionals to help patients manage their health by providing patient centered comprehensive and coordinated care, education, and support.

Primary care nurses help patients manage or prevent chronic diseases including diabetes/pre-diabetes, hypertension, obesity, chronic pain, COPD/asthma, dyslipidemia, and tobacco cessation.

You can expect your primary care nurse to:

  • Provide a health assessment including medical history, medications, labs, and present lifestyle.
  • Offer patient centered care through health coaching and case management of chronic conditions
  • Provide ongoing follow-up care in clinic or by phone to support patients to reach their goals
  • Support patients with stress management and emotional concerns
  • Work with your family doctor and other multidisciplinary team members (dietitians, kinesiologists, pharmacists, social workers, mental health therapists, etc.) to coordinate seamless care
  • Promote, refer, and coordinate Mosaic and community resources
  • Offer basic nutrition counselling
  • Assist with insulin starts and titration
  • Assist your family doctor with complex care planning

How to access nursing services through Mosaic PCN
Speak with your family doctor and ask for a referral to a nurse. Your appointment with a nurse can be in-person or over the phone, depending on your circumstances.

Need to find a family doctor?
Go to our directory to see clinics accepting new patients.

Looking for a nurse?
In-person appointments with a Mosaic PCN nurse are available at:

Mosaic International Community Clinic
25-3301 17 Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2A 0R2

Mosaic Medical Clinic
1 – 2681 36 St. NE
Calgary, AB, T1Y 5S3

Mosaic Refugee Health Clinic
Marlborough Mall Professional Building
530-433 Marlborough Way NE
Calgary, AB, T2A 5H5

Mosaic Sunridge Community Clinic
3457 26 Ave. NE
Calgary, AB, T1Y 6L4

Mosaic Temple Community Clinic
232-5401 Temple Dr. NE
Calgary, AB, T1Y 3R7