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Ruth’s House – A Safe Haven for the African Community

Ruth’s House is a new organization that has opened its doors this year in Calgary, helping families experiencing domestic violence in the African Community. In collaboration and partnerships with agencies in Alberta, their mission is to provide support and break the cycle of abuse within the community.

“Domestic violence is a big problem in our community, as the saying goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ In the case of domestic violence, it will take a bigger village to address this phenomenon that is ravaging our society”
Dee Adekugbe, Executive Director of Ruth’s House.

Some of the programs and services Ruth’s House provides:

  • Providing resources and training to community leaders on identifying and responding to domestic violence.
  • Prevention Programs: such as The Canadian African Life workshops, New Parenting Program, Peer2Peer support, Family Counseling and Men’s Support Programs.
  • Intervention Programs: includes 2 emergency shelters solely for the African families, EPO and CPS assistance.
  • African Children’s Advocacy Centre: – a place for children of domestic violence to receive counselling, support, and resources.
  • African Family Foster Agency: providing resources and support for families to become foster parents.
  • Ruth’s House services and programs are all provided by members
    of the community in their native language.

For more information, visit:
Tel: 587.352.9422

PHOTO: Founder and Executive Director, Dee Adekugbe (centre) and team.

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