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Our pharmacists work together with patients and doctors to optimize medications (including prescription, natural medicines, and herbal products) and help patients achieve personal health goals through education, counselling, and medication reviews.

Get medication support

Mosaic PCN pharmacists also support the Pain Management Program and tobacco cessation.

Your primary care pharmacist helps support:

  • Medication reviews (on prescribed, over the counter, and natural/herbal therapies)
  • Medication reconciliations to confirm what medications patients are actually taking
  • Drug information: available on a consult basis for dose adjustments, drug therapy assessment, medication interaction checks, product availability, etc.
  • Drug funding advice: can advise on formulary alternatives for Alberta Health, facilitate discussions with private insurers, or suggest therapeutic low-cost alternatives for medication therapy
  • Health promotion screenings including blood sugar, blood pressure monitoring, and cardiovascular risk assessments
  • Advise and educate on the use of prescription medications, natural medicines, and herbal products
  • Assist with tobacco cessation goals including advice on medications to quit smoking
  • Assist with insulin starts and titration
  • Ongoing follow-up care to assist patients to reach goals
  • Coordination with specialists/consultants, retail pharmacy, and other Mosaic PCN services
How to access pharmacy services through Mosaic PCN

Speak with your family doctor and ask for a referral to a pharmacist. Your appointment with a pharmacist can be in-person or over the phone.

Need to find a family doctor?

Go to our directory to see clinics accepting new patients.

Looking for a pharmacist?

In-person appointments with a Mosaic PCN pharmacist are available at:

Mosaic International Community Clinic
25-3301 17 Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2A 0R2

Mosaic Sunridge Community Clinic
3457 26 Ave. NE
Calgary, AB, T1Y 6L4

Mosaic Temple Community Clinic
232-5401 Temple Dr. NE
Calgary, AB, T1Y 3R7