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Join, learn, grow! Mosaic’s Walk the Talk is a weekly empowerment and self-esteem group designed to help you live your best life by tackling issues that frequently get in the way of creating lasting change and meaningful relationships.

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The Walk the Talk – Empowerment and Self-Esteem Workshop is a 7-session-long, in-person, closed group designed for adult participants (18+) who experience low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, emotion management issues, loneliness, social isolation, and would like to connect with others in order to share experiences, knowledge, and expertise, aiming to help themselves and others achieve self-mastery, better emotional control, and more satisfying human connections. This group is practical, participatory, and interactive in nature and will provide a unique opportunity for participants to:

  • Break isolation and activate self-compassion.
  • Acknowledge their strengths, talents, and uniqueness.
  • Learn and grow through lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and play.
  • Work on areas of their lives that appear challenging.
  • Share their knowledge and wisdom.
  • Take ownership of their own lives by strengthening their self-esteem.

Group size: maximum 12-14 participants. 

This is a closed group workshop, participants must attend all sessions once registered.

Session description: 

Session 1 – Who am I? (Identity, Self-Esteem, Concept of Self)

  • explores self-esteem, self-concept, and identity and how these may change along the lifespan. 

Session 2 – Talk-the-Talk (Communication, Assertiveness, Problem-Solving Skills)

  • addresses self-talk, effective communication strategies, barriers in communication, and problem-solving skills. 

Session 3 – Where do I End? (Boundaries, Relationships, Co-dependency, Interdependency)

  • focuses on the relationship with ourselves, healthy relationships with others, boundary-setting strategies, co-dependency, and the positive impact of interdependency. 

Session 4 – How to Fight Right? (Conflict Management, Assertiveness, Collaborative Intelligence) 

  • focuses on conflict management skills, assertive verbal and non-verbal communication, and collaborative intelligence as contributors to creating healthier relationships with family and friends. 

Session 5 – Energy in Motion (Emotional Regulation, Expression, and Emotional Intelligence)

  • centers around emotions, healthy emotion expression, emotion repression, and emotional intelligence.  

Session 6 – Pain vs. Pleasure (Motivation, Mindset, and Behavior Change)

  • addresses motivation, pain avoidance, desire to seek and maintain pleasure in life, growth vs. fixed mindset, and strategies that help positive behaviour change.

Session 7 – Mental Constipation (Being Stuck, Change, Transitions in Life, Grief, and Loss)

  • explores the matter of stagnation, change and the process of psychological transitions that may involve a sense of grief and loss but also potential for new beginnings and holistic wellness. 

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Empowerment and Self-Esteem: Walk the Talk Workshop

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